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Lucien Lardy, member of Terroirs Originels' estates

Lucien Lardy Lucien Lardy Lucien Lardy Lucien Lardy Lucien Lardy Lucien Lardy

"I have a strong character, which leads me to move forward with perseverance for the love of a job well done"


Lucien Lardy

Coming from a family of four children, I was the only one to choose winemaker as my profession. My father left me a wonderful legacy that I wanted to honor and preserve. I am fortunate that as part of my daily work I am acting as keeper of a French heritage. I get up early to go into my vineyard to walk through my vines, which give me much happiness and a strong sense of freedom.


I vinify each of my plots separately in order to manage the expression of all my lands. This enables me to create complex and generous wines that display the characteristics of its terroir.


As a founder and winemaker of Terroirs Originels, I am proud to have worked along side my friends and other talented winemakers to form our alliance, where integrity and passion for winemaking and sustainable growing is fundamental.

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Published on February 05 2020


J'aurais le plaisir de vous rencontrer et vous faire déguster mes vins à Wine Paris le 10 février. Read more

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